Hier gibt s einige Informationen zum neuen, internationalen Fanclub “Heartmongers”. Diesem kann man beitreten, indem man im “Store” auf heart-music.com eine Mitgliedschaft kauft. Anbei die Konditionen und die Vorteile des Clubs aus dem Ankündigungstext des Heart-Managements:

The annual membership fee is $30USD for US residents and $40USD for international fans (including Canadians). What will your membership fee get you, you ask?

This is only the beginning:

1  Presale availability! Not all venues on the tour allow for presales, but those that do will be exclusively offered to fan club members.

2  Your official Heart Mongers Fan Club Membership ID. IDs will be numbered; meaning the first one to become a member will be fan #1. The second will be fan #2 and so on. Will you sign up and become Heart's #1 fan?!

3  A lottery drawing to be one of the 50 lucky fans to attend the dress rehearsal prior to the tour in Los Angeles in late May. Fans will provide their own travel arrangements and accommodations - we will provide an awesome, EXCLUSIVE show in return!

4  The official Heart Mongers Fan Club T-shirt.

5  Quarterly online chats with Ann and Nancy.

6  Chances to win fan club merchandise, including a limited edition Jupiter's Darling Tour Jacket. There were only a handful made for the band and crew!

7  Access to exclusive, streaming video clips.

8  Never before seen photos, including the "wardrobe closet" and shots of Nancy's 100+ guitars!

9  Streaming audio of rarities, and we do mean rarities, Mongers. Like what, you ask? Ann and Nancy playing the blues when they were teenagers, or how about comedy bits, including one of Cameron doing a mean Elvis impersonation!

Plus much, much more to come. We will be adding new perks and benefits for fan club members all the time. So, stay tuned and join today.

Join now!

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